Business Simulation

Business Simulation

Our highly interactive Business Simulation can be used in a myriad of ways: as a stand-alone training tool, incorporated into any entrepreneurship or business course, or as a team-building activity for a small group. By assuming the role of manufacturers and retailers in a simulated business environment, participants make decisions about realistic challenges they face, including pricing, costing, financial planning, and reacting to unexpected events. Participants develop practical skills in financial literacy, record-keeping, risk management, and taking initiative. The simulation pro­vides a safe setting to experiment with new behaviors that lead to more successful business strategies – such as being a better communica­tor among team members, competitive analysis, or using a win-win style of nego­tiating – all while having fun. The Business Simulation consists of four modules described below.


3-20 hours


Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, English, French, Georgian, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Pashto, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and the indigenous African languages of: Acholi, Bambara, Diola, Mandingue, Pulaar, Sesotho, Setswana, Siswati, and Wolof


  • Module 1: Experience the life of an entrepreneur, including income allocation, selling on credit, managing cash flow, record-keeping, and coping with unexpected events

  • Module 2: Expand a small business and practice dealing with supply and demand, effective business planning, and costing

  • Module 3: Explore the 4 Ps of marketing, advanced record-keeping, business planning, and decision-making around division of labor

  • Module 4: Run a complex business, including expanding the product range through diversification or specialization, high-stakes decision making, and operating within a changing market

  • All Modules: Develop inter-personal skills vital to business success such as teamwork, communication, organization, negotiation, and making compromises

Key Features

Hands-on application of business concepts


Youth and adults with a range of experiences and literacy levels