Enterprise Your Household: Building the Capacity of Families for Economic Engagement Inside and Outside the Home

Enterprise Your Household

Enterprise Your Household™ is an innovative curriculum that builds the capacity of vulnerable women and men to engage in intentional economic decisions in their enterprises and household activities. The curriculum is built upon coaching and applied learning methodologies and is designed to be incorporated into village savings and loan association or other group meetings. Through the use of targeted training sessions that incorporate visual aids and interactive learning activities,  supplemented by on-going coaching, participants are able to develop the entrepreneurial mindset, skillset, and toolset necessary for business success and effective household management.


11 hours


English, Hausa


  • Build critical enterprising knowledge and techniques that help learners be intentional about business decisions, while also reinforcing key household management skills and attitudes

  • Introduce and understand key household enterprising concepts including: juggling priorities, planning, money management, making wise investments, and expanding opportunities

Key Features

  • A focus on five core enterprising skills

  • Three levels of interactive learning for each core enterprising topic that encourage exploration of key knowledge and techniques, while building foundational skills and stimulating behavior change

  • Sessions that can be repeated as often as necessary to foster the successful acquisition and application of enterprise development knowledge, skills, and attitudes

  • Interactive tools and “cognitive manipulatives”, including story-based flash cards, to engage different types of learners

  • User-friendly coaching and facilitation tools


Men and women of all literacy levels who are engaging in income generating activities and making household-based decisions around education, nutrition, and allocation of funds