Enterprise Your Life: Building the Capacity of Youth for Economic Engagement

Enterprise Your Life

Enterprise Your Life is an innovative, youth-focused curriculum built upon coaching and applied learning methodologies. The curriculum was developed in partnership with Plan International and is designed to transfer key enterprising life skills to youth to enhance their engagement in a wide range of income generating activities. Through the use of short, targeted sessions incorporating applied learning activities and interactive visual aids and supplemented by ongoing coaching, youth are able to develop the entrepreneurial mindset necessary for business success.


20 sessions of 30-45 minutes each


Arabic, English, French, Kiswahili


  • Build foundational enterprising life skills and cross-cutting entrepreneurial attitudes necessary to start up, scale up, and sustain income generating activities

  • Introduce and understand key enterprising life skill concepts, including: thinking ahead, negotiation, decision-making, being different, knowing the market, and wise investments

  • Engage in and receive continual follow-up coaching from the savings group leader to reinforce the entrepreneurial mindset and skillset developed in training sessions

Key Features

  • A focus on six core enterprising life skill topics

  • Three levels of interactive learning for each core enterprising topics that grow in sophistication from level 1 to level 3 and build from shifts in attitude and foundational skills to the development of entrepreneurial knowledge and techniques

  • Sessions that can be repeated as often as necessary to foster the successful acquisition and application of enterprise development knowledge, skills, and attitudes

  • Accompanying Training of Coaches and Master Coaching curriculum packages to support the capacity building of local implementing partners

  • User-friendly interactive coaching tools, such as “cognitive manipulatives”, including story-based flash cards


Semi-literate to low-literate youth engaged in village savings and loans associations and other youth development structures