Financial Literacy Activity Guide for Adolescent Girls

Financial Literacy Activity Guide for Adolescent Girls

The Financial Literacy Activity Guide for Adolescent Girls in Haiti provides adolescent girls with the opportunity to reflect on their current financial practices, to put terminology and economic meaning to what they already do, and to explore alternative ways to organize and use their existing resources. This skill-building curriculum uses simple case studies and activities to guide participants through the process of understanding where their money comes from and goes, making wise financial decisions, developing a basic budget, and accessing both formal and informal savings and credit mechanisms in their community.


8 hours


English, Haitian Creole/French


  • Increased knowledge about key financial concepts, including cash flow, making wise financial choices, prioritizing expenses, budgeting, savings and borrowing, and planning for an emergency

  • Practice applying key financial skills through localized case studies

  • Identify ways to implement knowledge and skills in participants’ own lives

  • Ability to better manage money

Key Features

  • Interactive and learner-centered activities that uses localized case studies to help learners relate new content with their everyday lives

  • Activities that require minimal tools or resources for effective training delivery


Adolescent girls aged 10-19 with mixed levels of literacy and numeracy skills