Group Dynamics and Leadership

Group Dynamics and Leadership

The Group Dynamics and Leadership curriculum enables associations and farmer groups to engage in team work towards a common goal with transparent and accountable leadership.


12 hours




  • Enhanced decision making skills, team work, leadership, and transparency that are critical ingredients in supporting the development of group-based activities

  • Empowered learners who can fully explore the range of opportunities that await them and effectively lead and manage groups

  • Increased communication and understanding between group members and leadership

Key Features

  • Interactive and learner-centered curriculum that relies on experiential learning methodology to help learners relate new content with their everyday lives

  • Learners are able to apply the skills in various settings, as well as retain the lessons with greater ease

  • Establishes learners’ responsibility for being active in the process, thus encouraging participants to share experiences and engage with each other


Members of rural groups and farmer associations with low literacy and numeracy skills