SME Development

SME Development

The SME Development curriculum brings together business coaches and medium enterprises to identify and develop the knowledge, skills, techniques and practices they will need to grow their businesses.  This curriculum program uses an integrated capacity-building approach that combines business coaching and experiential training along with technical assistance targeted to the needs of each participating medium enterprise.


16 hours plus coaching


English and French


  • Surfaced assumptions of perceived value of and ability to apply key business concepts

  • An Action Plan developed for each participating business that focuses on the acquisition or improvement of the sub-set of business skills necessary for its chosen activity

  • Technical business training and follow-up coaching provided as a result of each Action Plan as a tailored capacity-building experience.

Key Features

  • Four hands-on workshops that test and challenge participants’ understanding and assumptions of key business knowledge and skills

  • Matched business skills with a tailored capacity-building package to each enterprise


Senior and managerial staff of medium enterprises interested in expanding and growing their business