Your Enterprise in Action

Your Enterprise in Action

YEA provides an accompanied process for moving from conceptualizing an enterprise as an idea to putting it into action. The curriculum builds essential business and decision-making skills to transfer business opportunities into action. The curriculum capstone is the development of a business plan to be used for implementation and to seek funding.


18 hours


English and Standard Arabic


  • Ability to identify and evaluate business opportunities

  • Adoption of key enterprise-related skills of decision making, planning ahead, and measuring costs and benefits

  • Devised strategies to find money and invest in business opportunities

  • Business plan focused on seeking funding and starting a business

Key Features

  • Business simulation

  • Hands-on practice of business concepts in idea identification, planning and record management

  • Business plan development


Women’s groups with basic literacy and numeracy skills who have experience starting a business or are interested in starting a business.