Youth Agro-Business Development Curriculum

Youth Agro-Business Development Curriculum

The Youth Agro-Business Curriculum builds a business mindset and entrepreneurship skills for youth looking to engage in agro-business activities.  This curriculum uses three different units that explore how to “do” business rather than talk about business, along with developing an agriculture-focused mindset.


20 hours




  • Ability to identify the many opportunities in agribusiness beyond farming

  • Ability to learn from challenges and setbacks

  • Youth as successful entrepreneurs

Key Features

  • Organization and implementation of micro-businesses to develop and practice key skills and business activities

  • Exercises selling quick-moving, low profit items and slow-moving high profit items to understand differences between prices and profits and importance of product mix in business


Youth with low literacy and numeracy skills involved with youth associations who are interested in developing business skills to become entrepreneurs in agriculture markets.