CARE-GBV Extension Continues Strengthening of USAID’s GBV Prevention and Response Programming

October 2022

USAID has awarded an 18-month costed extension to the Collective Action to Reduce Gender-Based Violence (CARE-GBV) Task Order to build on the Activity’s achievements in identifying and disseminating best practices in GBV prevention and response programming.

From 2020 to 2022, CARE-GBV, implemented by Making Cents in a joint venture with our partner Development Professionals, Inc., developed seminal knowledge products and implementation plans for USAID’s programming to prevent and respond to GBV. In the second phase of CARE-GBV, now extended until 2025, the Activity will promote uptake of these knowledge products across USAID’s Operating Units. It will also target three Missions in different regions to develop “centers of success” for GBV programming. These centers will then serve as learning sites for other Missions within their respective regions.