Evaluating the Impact of Economic Growth Programming in Serbia

March 2022

Making Cents was awarded a Task Order under USAID’s Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Services (EVAL-ME) II IDIQ to conduct a five-year impact evaluation of the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Development Activity. Serbia’s economy has a high potential for sustained growth where SMEs play a key role in growing the economy, but the country’s productivity lags behind other Western economies, and it is unclear which past interventions have been the most cost-effective and most successful in accelerating equitable economic growth.

Through the impact evaluation, Making Cents will expand the knowledge base on SME development in Serbia, contribute to the collective understanding of which interventions have been most successful to inform future economic growth activities, and provide insight into how these interventions may reduce obstacles to women, youth, and other groups who have limited access to economic opportunities. The evaluation will contribute to a legacy of strong economic growth programming in the region and enhance equitable prosperity for all.