Influencing Capital Markets to Incorporate Gender-Smart Strategies

August 2021

Making Cents International is supporting the MicroInsurance Centre at Milliman under the Incorporating Gender-Based Violence in Assessing Investment Risk activity recently awarded to Milliman under the USAID-funded INVEST mechanism. The activity will contribute to increasing women’s economic empowerment by developing tools to help investors consider gender when assessing investment risk. 

Making Cents will support Milliman in building a case to incorporate gender-based violence (GBV) considerations into risk assessments for political risk insurance, a type of insurance designed to protect investors from financial loss due to political events. We will apply our expertise in GBV and economic growth to provide access to data and research around GBV, contribute to the development of tools and methodologies, and facilitate the testing and dissemination of tools.  

The goal of this work is to increase understanding that GBV prevention is a key step to achieving economic growth.