Making Cents is awarded USAID’s Balkans Regional Program Support Activity (BRPSA) IDIQ

November 2023

We are elated to announce the award of the Balkans Regional Program Support Activity (BRPSA) IDIQ! This five-year, $20 million IDIQ was awarded by USAID’s Regional Office of Acquisition and Assistance (ROAA) at the USAID Mission in Kosovo.

Making Cents will provide program support services for USAID Missions in the Balkan region, including Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Serbia. Services provided to Missions under this IDIQ may include program office support; performance management; evaluation; collaborating, learning, and adapting; strengthening capacity of local MEL providers; program information management; data quality assessments; development information system; outreach information; and support services.

Making Cents is honored to be a recipient of this award and to support Missions in the Balkans.