Our New Partnership with OTI: Support Which Implements Fast Transition (SWIFT) 5-Support IDIQ Award

December 2019

Making Cents International was awarded the Support Which Implements Fast Transition 5-Long-Term Technical Assistance to Support OTI Program Operations (SWIFT-Support) IDIQ by USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI). The SWIFT-Support IDIQ will operate alongside SWIFT-Programs IDIQ to provide OTI with the means to support U.S. foreign policy objectives by catalyzing local initiatives to advance stability, peace, and democracy in response to complex political crises. The combined ceiling for both IDIQs is $2.5 billion over five years.

Through SWIFT-Support Task Orders, Making Cents will recruit and deploy long-term technical assistance to support OTI program operations and will provide support to program-funded USAID personnel. We are pleased to have FHI 360 as our subcontractor on this IDIQ.

All of us at Making Cents are very excited about this new partnership with OTI and the opportunity to expand our USAID project portfolio focused on advancing democracy around the world.