Youth Resilience to Crime and Violence in the Caribbean





Eastern and Southern Caribbean (ESC)
Capacity Building
Program Design


The Eastern and Southern Caribbean (ESC) region is experiencing evolving conflict dynamics, with notable changes in the past 2 years, ranging from community and domestic violence to violence associated with international trafficking. USAID would like to find solutions to address the main contributing factors of crime and violence, and engage with affected and involved populations to create a safer and more resilient Caribbean region.


The goal of the Youth Resilience to Crime and Violence in the Caribbean program is to engage and empower youth and other key populations to build resilient communities in the ESC. The activity will engage youth as partners and integrate interventions at the national and sub-national levels to improve youth, family, and community resilience to crime and violence. To build more resilient communities, the program will also improve social services and protections, as well as support youth, families, and communities to prevent and recover from crime incidents.

Making Cents will deploy trauma-informed care, mental health, and psychosocial support (MHPSS) strategies and toolkits that contribute to achieving an increased use of trauma-informed approaches in the delivery of services to high-risk youth populations.

We will also provide technical assistance in social and emotional learning and contemplative practices and work with staff to integrate positive youth development into implementation methodologies and intervention approaches.

Making Cents will also supply technical expertise in the areas of workforce development and entrepreneurship for at-risk youth to enable increased youth access to productive activities, such as employment, entrepreneurship, internships, and other youth ventures.