Compatibility Toolkit Consultancy

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Norwegian Refugee Council


Strategic Consulting


NGOs supporting economic engagement of Syrian refugees are working to integrate the refugees into the formal labor market more effectively but are lacking appropriate tools to determine both the employment potential of refugees and the employer labor needs. To date, few successful linkages have been created between refugee training programs and job placement opportunities.


NRC Jordan hired Making Cents to develop tools they could use to better link Syrians and Jordanians with long-term jobs in two industries with high hiring potential – garment and furniture. In particular, NRC required tools focused on private-sector engagement that would help them better understand employer skills needs and develop partnerships with employers in order to source ongoing employment opportunities. NRC also requested that the tools support the screening of job seekers for their interests and experience. Using the “Scaling Demand-Driven Training Programs: A Framework” and “Demand-Driven Training for Youth Employment Toolkit”, Making Cents leveraged global best practice “Demand-Driven Training” (DDT) models to develop the Compatibility Toolkit that will support NRC in creating these linkages in the garment and furniture industries.

The DDT approach starts with the employer – understanding their skills needs and recruitment, hiring, and retention challenges. Once that is clear, a sourcing, screening, filtering, and training system can be designed to select and place well-prepared job seekers. Thus, as a starting point, Making Cents met with employers operating within the two focus industries to inform the development of the Compatibility Toolkit, and based on these discussions, developed an employer engagement process for NRC. NRC Jordan, directly and through their partner network, recruits job seekers and organizes job-specific trainings when job placement opportunities with an employer are identified. To complement and enhance NRC’s existing job seeker engagement activities, Making Cents developed a holistic and data-driven job seeker screening and filtering process as part of the Toolkit that fits within NRC’s existing activities.

To learn more about the Compatibility Toolkit, read our blog that provides more details about the project.