Education Research in Conflict and Protracted Crisis (ERICC)

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Department for International Development (DFID)


United States
Mission Support


Of the estimated 75 million children whose education is affected by conflict and protracted crises, nearly half of them are out of school at the primary and lower secondary level. It is hard to track how much those who are in school are learning, but data indicates that they are learning far less than they could be as the quality of schooling is so low. Although there is growing international momentum and action to tackle this crisis, there is a critical lack of evidence on ‘what works’ for education in these contexts to ensure quality education for all.


The lack of evidence impedes global efforts to deliver education programs in some of the world’s poorest countries. DFID’s goal with ERICC is to strengthen education programs in DFID focal countries/regions (northern Nigeria, South Sudan, Myanmar, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon); create a rigorous body of evidence on what works for education in conflict and protracted crisis; help decision makers access and use evidence on education in conflict and protracted crisis; and strengthen knowledge systems for research on education in conflict and protracted crisis.

To that end, Making Cents International was selected by DFID to develop and deliver a Consultation Event on Education in Conflict and Protracted Crisis in February 2020 in New York City. The purpose of the event was to:

  • Provide an introduction to the key elements of DFID’s upcoming research program on education in emergencies and protracted crisis

  • Give the attendees an opportunity to ask questions and for DFID to gain feedback from them

  • Test the appetite of the market for certain aspects of ERICC

  • Promote interaction and networking between attendees

To ensure that this event was attended by the right audience – an audience who could be consulted on the design of the program and who may have a future interest in engaging in the program – Making Cents supported DFID in identifying the most relevant academics, experts, researchers, and practitioners in the USA who have an interest in and expertise in this topic. Making Cents was also responsible for preparing and facilitating breakout group discussions and organizing all logistics for this important event.