Inclusive Development Activity for Mission Support (IDAMS)





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Mission Support


Marginalized and underrepresented groups often do not have access to the same services and opportunities as majority populations. It is critical that international development programs intentionally prioritize the inclusion of these marginalized groups to ensure that all people can benefit from the development process. To do this, development practitioners need to be equipped with knowledge and expertise to understand and address the specific needs of these communities.


Making Cents International is implementing the Inclusive Development Activity for Mission Support (IDAMS). Awarded as a task order under the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Services II (EVAL ME II) IDIQ, IDAMS will help USAID Missions and Operating Units in assessing the needs of, engaging with, and supporting the priorities of marginalized and underrepresented groups around the world.

Working hand-in-hand with our partners and USAID’s Inclusive Development Hub, we will provide support to their Missions and Operating Units under three components:

  1. Inclusive development analyses to map the context and needs of marginalized groups through an intersectional lens
  2. Technical assistance to help USAID include the voices of vulnerable populations in co-creation processes, project design, and implementation
  3. Monitoring, evaluation, focused research, and knowledge management to build the knowledge base, disseminate evidence, and foster a community of practice around inclusive development

By increasing engagement of diverse perspectives, IDAMS aims to expand awareness of power dynamics, foster inclusive mindsets, and embed practices that combat stigma and discrimination, promote empowerment, and improve the lives of underrepresented communities. The task order will elevate the voices and experiences of marginalized communities; generate accessible, actionable knowledge; and help USAID integrate new policies and resources into programming.