Incorporating Gender-Based Violence in Assessing Investment Risk

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Gender inequality remains pervasive globally: One in three women have been subjected to gender-based violence (GBV) in their lifetime since the age of 15, and women still frequently lack equal access to economic resources. This inequality affects not only the individuals who experience it but also undermines economic stability and security at the national level.



The Incorporating Gender-Based Violence in Assessing Investment Risk activity was awarded under the USAID-funded INVEST mechanism to increase women’s economic empowerment by developing tools to help investors consider gender when assessing investment risk.

In close collaboration with USAID’s Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Hub (USAID/GenDev), Making Cents International is supporting Milliman to build a convincing case to incorporate GBV considerations into risk assessments for political risk insurance, a type of insurance designed to protect investors from financial loss due to political events.

The activity will equip investors, political risk insurance providers, and development finance institutions with open-source tools and resources to understand how GBV impacts investment risk and accurately price or mitigate these risks. Making Cents will provide expertise in GBV prevention to inform the development of the business case and open-source tools. This expertise includes providing access to data and research around GBV, contributing to the development of tools and methodologies, and facilitating the testing and dissemination of tools among the international development community.

Ultimately, the activity aims to elevate GBV as a critical issue for investors and influence capital markets to incorporate gender-smart strategies at scale. As investors increasingly consider GBV to be an investment risk, this will encourage governments and government agencies to see GBV prevention as a key issue in achieving economic growth.