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Capacity strengthening
Program Design


The marginalization of youth in Northern Nigeria has resulted in a significant decrease in formal school enrollment and the inability of youth to build their livelihoods. The local educational institutions have limited capacity to provide relevant training and help youth effectively participate in the local economy.


To address the limited capacity of local educational institutions in the states of Kaduna, Kano, and Katsina to provide relevant training and facilitate youth economic participation in northern Nigeria, Making Cents conducted an evaluation of existing employment opportunities and available entrepreneurial trainings and assessed the enterprise development needs of marginalized and out-of-school-youth. Making Cents additionally supported pilot projects to integrate employability and enterprising skills into formal technical training and informal apprenticeship programs for youth, particularly in traditional and non-traditional trade sectors. To build the capacity of existing Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) institutions to provide market-relevant vocational training, Making Cents worked to understand the needs of the private sector. Through a proven soft skills development approach and by supporting local TVET teachers, 56,000 youth increased their economic viability through employment and self-employment opportunities by the project’s end.