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Capacity Building
Program Design


The marginalization of youth in Northern Nigeria has resulted in a significant decrease in formal school enrollment and the inability of youth to build their livelihoods. The local educational institutions have limited capacity to provide relevant training and help youth effectively participate in the local economy.


Making Cents International evaluated support systems for youth who wanted to engage in or expand economic opportunities. Our assessment addressed the current state of employment opportunities, available entrepreneurial trainings and mentoring, and current recruitment and placement services.  The evaluation also covered the enterprise development needs of marginalized and out-of-school youth and Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) students, including males and females in Quranic education institutions.

Based on the results of our assessment, Making Cents is supporting the development of pilot projects in the states of Kaduna, Kano, and Katsina.  The pilots are integrating employability and enterprising skills into formal technical training programs, as well as providing this learning opportunity to youth engaged in informal apprenticeships. This soft skills development approach will strengthen skills these young people need for the greater success in their communities and personal interactions.

We are also working with the TVET teachers to integrate an applied learning approach in all of their classroom activities and with the TVET management team to increase their capacity to manage and support teachers while monitoring the quality of classroom delivery.

By the projects end 56,000 youth in Northern Nigeria will have increased their economic viability through employment and self-employment opportunities.