Support Which Implements Fast Transition 5-Long-Term Technical Assistance to Support OTI Program Operations (SWIFT-Support) IDIQ

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2019 – 2024




Mission Support


A transition is a time of high politicization and instability. It is a period of intense competition for power and a time that can set the foundation for new political arrangements and the trajectory for future development. The countries in transition and affected by political crises are considered complex environments because the causal relationships between the various elements of the political context are unknown, multifaceted, and in flux. Thus, solutions are neither simple nor straightforward.


USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) is USAID’s tool to carry out rapid interventions relevant to the political/stabilization needs of communities and governments, in response to major political/conflict crises and opportunities as they emerge across the world. The SWIFT-Support IDIQ operates alongside SWIFT-Programs IDIQ to provide OTI with the means to support U.S. foreign policy objectives by catalyzing local initiatives to advance stability, peace, and democracy in response to complex political crises.

Through SWIFT-Support Task Orders, Making Cents will be expected to recruit and deploy long-term technical assistance to support OTI program operations and to provide support to program-funded USAID personnel on the ground. As a SWIFT-Support Contractor, Making Cents will provide LTTA personnel to advise and support OTI’s development, implementation, review, monitoring, and evaluation of program activities in a country or region. The LTTA personnel will be expected to work closely with OTI and other OTI implementing partner staff, serving as Transition Advisors responsible for providing programmatic guidance, political analysis, and operational support to the OTI team and to other OTI implementing partner teams implementing a country or regional program, where applicable. Depending on the context, we may also be required to provide support for program-funded USAID personnel overseas in support of the program objectives.