Syria Essential Services (SES II)

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Blumont (USAID)


Syria and Jordan
Capacity Building
Curriculum Development


The Syrian conflict has destabilized communities and local governance institutions across the country. The provision of essential services to citizens has been interrupted, and basic economic livelihoods are non-existent


The Syria Essential Services II (SES II) program enhances local governance structures by rehabilitating essential services in key sectors that have suffered neglect and damage due to the protracted civil war. Making Cents International has supported the project by conducting hands-on capacity building of the main local implementing partner, a Syrian-led organization based in Amman that works with Syrian local councils. The local implementing partner needed critical management and financial administration capacity building to develop the financial, organizational, and program management skills to deliver services and respond to the changing humanitarian needs of communities on the ground. In September 2016, Making Cents conducted an in-depth collaborative assessment of the local partner, which informed key areas for further technical assistance and support.

Making Cents used a Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD) approach adapted to the local context to build the local partner’s capacity. Our capacity-building team, consisting of a Team Leader, Financial Advisor, and Operations Advisor, was embedded with the partner’s organization for almost 6 months and worked in four phases to: 1) Secure stakeholder agreement and define desired performance; 2) Conduct an Organizational Performance Assessment to assess and analyze performance; 3) Construct and implement a Performance Solutions Package; and 4) Monitor and evaluate progress. The team provided support through real-time, hands-on, staff coaching and mentoring and through the design and delivery of 16 formal training sessions on various technical and management topics.

As a result, the Making Cents team was able to improve the partner’s financial, operational, and programmatic management capacities, alongside its organization processes, practices, and policies. Following the on-site work, Making Cents continued to provide follow-on assistance through remote support and coaching.