Youth Empowerment through Agriculture (YETA)

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Capacity Building
Curriculum Development
Program Design


Partly due to two decades of civil conflict, many out-of-school youth in northern Uganda are lacking the key soft and enterprise skills they need to establish a livelihood and fully participate in the local economy. Their participation in the agriculture sector is particularly low, despite its many opportunities for income generation, and local organizations lack the tools and resources to foster increased youth engagement in agriculture and agribusiness.


Under the Youth Empowerment through Agriculture (YETA) program, Making Cents International collaborated with four Ugandan partners to synchronize their diverse capacity building materials into an integrated training package that supports out-of-school youth to seize agriculture and agribusiness opportunities. We ensured that these materials, including curricula and step-down learning tools, not only reinforced and built on one another but also incorporated applied learning and training methodologies to increase their effectiveness in building youth’s capacity to engage in the agriculture sector.

To align the integrated capacity building materials to the needs of the target youth beneficiaries, Making Cents conducted an initial assessment to understand the specific opportunities and challenges that youth have in their communities and to establish appropriate training parameters, including methodology, timing, and language, that would allow an efficient uptake of skills by youth.

To kickstart the synchronization process and orient YETA partners to key methodologies, Making Cents organized a two-day curriculum design workshop and a two-day curriculum adaptation workshop. Our experts demonstrated to partners how to modify their course content based on assessment findings and incorporate an applied learning approach into curriculum while maintaining a positive youth development lens.

In collaboration with our local partners, Making Cents synchronized four curricula to fit specific needs of different youth populations in Uganda:

  • Youth Association Governance: Institutional Development Training Manual for Youth Association Leaders

  • Foundational Skills: Life Skills and Sexual & Reproductive Health

  • Financial Literacy

  • Starting My Own Farm-Based Business

To ensure quality implementation and scale-up across organizations and districts, we implemented a cascading training model, training seven Master Trainers who trained over 150 trainers to deliver the curricula. This cadre has strengthened the soft and agro-enterprise skills of over 26,250 at-risk, unemployed, or underemployed youth across northern Uganda.