Youth Financial Services Link (YFS-Link) Program

Youth Financial Services Link (YFS-Link) Program Guide


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Capacity Building


Youth are often considered to be risky borrowers by many financial institutions. There is growing interest in providing youth with financial services but limited capacity among financial institutions, youth serving organizations, or donors to provide these services.


Under the Youth-Inclusive Financial Services Linkage (YFS-Link) program, Making Cents International expanded the availability and quality of financial services to youth around the world by building the capacity of financial services providers and youth-serving organizations (YSOs) to develop and deliver these services.

The program convened implementers to consolidate lessons learned on the provision of financial services for youth. Making Cents developed  a communications strategy to disseminate this information to financial institutions and YSOs globally, including by creating an online learning hub that enhanced knowledge sharing among YFS-Link stakeholders. Making Cents also developed and maintained three communities of practice that investigated themes such as how to conduct market research with youth.

The result was a set of practical tools and information that stakeholders could use immediately to implement their programs, such as assessment tools, internal capacity checklists, and product development guidelines. Through YFS-Link, Making Cents collaborated with more than 200 organizations in 66 countries to provide direct training and technical assistance to more than 350 practitioners and trainers. These trainers have then used the YFS-Link modules to train 1,100 additional individuals in their home countries.