Youth Strategy Development

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Client name withheld


Strategic Consulting


Many NGOs involved in youth programming globally continue to struggle with developing innovative and effective youth-focused interventions, especially in sectors such as agriculture where there are ample opportunities for youth employment and income generation. Existing organizational strategic plans often lack sufficient focus on youth-focused programs.


Making Cents International is collaborating closely with the Client to support them in formalizing their youth development strategy, with a focus on youth involved in agriculture; consolidate the knowledge and lessons from previous and current youth programming; and provide technical advice to improve current projects.

To meet the Client’s needs and improve their youth programming, Making Cents is conducting a comprehensive assessment of the Client’s youth portfolio, including the strengths and weaknesses of their current programming compared with current sector best practices, donor trends, and peer agency approaches to youth in agriculture. Making Cents is also providing recommendations for creating an organization-wide youth strategy to guide the Client’s future programming. Additionally, Making Cents is tasked with providing specific technical advice on how to improve the Client’s youth agriculture interventions across Africa, Asia, and Latin America.