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Young adults throughout the ASEAN region have limited access to relevant soft skills training to support their transition to successful employees and entrepreneurs. They also lack a network of like-minded entrepreneurs and mentors that can help them grow professionally.


Making Cents organized a five-day workshop in Singapore on the value of soft skills and employer-driven workforce readiness programs. Sixty young leaders from the ASEAN region attended the workshop titled Bridging the Skills Gap: Equipping Youth Adults with the ‘Soft Skills’ To Enter and Advance in the Workplace. By its close, participants could articulate the value of soft skills and were prepared to convince others on this issue.

The workshop also provided youth leaders with opportunities to connect with an expanded network of employers and trainers – those to whom they can reach out for professional growth and employment opportunities.

Guest speakers included Andy Rabens, the US Department of State’s Special Advisor for Global Youth Issues, and regional representatives of Intel Corporation and McKinsey & Company.

Videotaped extracts are available at YSEALI Highlights.