Strategic Consulting

The development landscape is changing, with an increasing number of private- and public-sector actors engaged in solving a myriad of global development challenges. We apply our technical expertise and knowledge of developing economies to provide strategic advice to these diverse actors — from multinational companies entering new markets, to foundations seeking to implement innovative solutions — as we continue our long-standing support to traditional development organizations in their quest to increase the impact of their programs.

We draw upon our two decades of experience promoting private-sector led development programs to help companies create new products and services that respond to both their global business imperatives and the capacities of under-served markets. For foundations, we leverage our technical expertise in youth development and capacity building to analyze and improve their grant-making programs. We also help international and local NGOs and for-profit consulting firms improve their programming strategies, scale up existing programs, and build their staff capacity in areas such as positive youth development, workforce development, and training.

Project Examples